Articles on Hypnosis and IBS:

1. is the most informative online resource I've found about IBS and hypnosis.  It was created and is maintained by Dr. Olafur Palsson from the University of North Carolina, whose protocol I use.   In addition to general information,  it has an excellent list of research studies the results of which strongly support hypnosis as an effective treatment option.  It also has an informative 21-minute video.  


2.  The New York Times has an informative article entitled "Let the Mind Tame IBS." 


3.  BBC News also has an interesting article called "Hypnotherapy 'Can Help' Irritable Bowel Syndrome." 


4. has a general article on hypnosis for IBS here.  It also has an article about the North Carolina protocol here.


5.  Wikipedia has a thorough overview of IBS in general including various theories of what causes the condition as well as treatment and management options.  That article can be found here.


6.  The National Institutes of Health has an informative page here with general information about IBS.


7.  The Mayo Clinic has a website with much general information about IBS which can be found here